November 29, 2023

Announcing the Search Central Live Mexico roadshow  |  Google Search Central Blog  |  Google for Developers

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Wednesday, September 20, 2023

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We’re very excited to announce that Search Central Live is coming to Ciudad de México on November 7! Following successful events throughout the world earlier this year, we’re continuing our mission to help you enhance your site’s performance in Google Search.

Search Central Live Mexico logo

The event will have a mix of presenters from the Google Search, News, and Partnership teams. The content will be delivered in English and Spanish, but we’ll have live translation, so you can listen to all presentations in Spanish if you prefer:

  • SEO and Search Console: what are the best practices to succeed in Google Search?
  • Google News in Mexico: how are we partnering with news sites to help them prosper?
  • News Consumer Insights: how can news publishers transform Google Analytics data into actionable recommendations?

If the topics above sound interesting to you, whether you’re an SEO enthusiast, a website owner, or a publisher, don’t miss your chance to participate. Apart from the presentations, you’ll have lots of time to chat with the Google Search and News teams, and meet new people in real life. The event will not be recorded or live streamed, that’s why we call it live!

Apply for an invitation

The event will take place on November 7, between 9:00 and 13:30, in the Roma neighborhood of Mexico City. Check more details about speakers, agenda, and more, in the event website. Unfortunately, we can’t accommodate everyone. We’ll send invitations on October 13 to accepted attendees, you’ll need that email to enter the event.

We’re looking forward to meeting in person and chatting about Google Search and News.

Posted by Daniel Waisberg, Search relations, and Alejandra Brambila, Google News Partnerships Mexico

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