September 21, 2023

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Thursday, October 13, 2022

In 2019 we organized events called Webmaster Conference for site owners and SEOs in over 15 countries, specifically in regions that otherwise don’t get much search conference love. Then we had to stop for a while, but promised that we’re gonna resume the events as soon as possible.

Well, it is possible now, so under a new name – Search Central Live, we’re back in business.

Search Central Live Singapore 2022 Logo

The first of the Search Central Live events is going to happen in-person in Singapore on November 24, 2022. Registrations for Search Central Live Singapore 2022 are now open until November 15 and we welcome you to fill out the form for a chance to secure your spot at the event; that’s all you need to do. We have a limited number of seats available. We will let you know if your spot is confirmed by November 17.

What can you expect from this event? Basically the same things you got from our past events: lots of talks from Googlers and other speakers, lots of mingling with your fellow site owners and SEOs, maybe some fun activities.

Before you buy your transcontinental plane ticket, keep in mind that we do plan to have more of these events in the future, and some might be closer to your base. Stay tuned for these updates on the Search Central Live event page or on Twitter.

If you have questions about the events, check out our FAQ. If we didn’t already cover your question, ask us on Twitter or in the Search Central online help community.

Posted by Cherry Prommawin and Gary Illyes

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