September 25, 2023

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Wednesday, September 14, 2022

Last year, we released the Page Experience report in Search Console to help site owners understand and fix issues affecting how Google evaluates the page experience for their site. One of the common requests we heard from you was to provide more information regarding the HTTPS status of the site and make it easier to understand which pages are not served over HTTPS, and why not.

To address this request, we’re gradually rolling out the HTTPS report in Search Console over the next few months. Use this report to get insights about your HTTPS pages served on Search. The report also lists the issues that prevent pages from being served as HTTPS, along with sample URLs.

New HTTPS report in Search Console

As a reminder, page experience is a set of signals that measure how users perceive the experience of interacting with a web page beyond its pure informational value, both on mobile and desktop devices. It includes Core Web Vitals, which is a set of metrics that measure real-world user experience for loading performance, interactivity, and visual stability of the page, along with signals for mobile friendliness, intrusive interstitials, and HTTPS. The HTTPS component ensures the safety and security of users on the web.

We hope that the new HTTPS report will help you solve issues that prevent your pages from being served over HTTPS and can help you improve the experience for your site visitors.

If you have any questions or concerns, please reach out to us via the Google Search Central Community or on Twitter.

Posted by Hilit Egozy, Interaction Designer and Daniel Yosef, Software Engineer

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